OSAP CAE Scholarship Program

Please complete this application form and return it with a current copy of your resume and your budget related to your CAE test expenses to:
ATTN: CAE Scholarship
1335 Dublin Road, Ste. 224-A
Columbus, Ohio 43215
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Level of Education:
Years in Association Management:
Are you an OSAP member?
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Are you paying for all or part of the expenses related to taking the CAE exam? (Including, but not limited to, the test fee, purchase of books, study group expenses, etc.)
If you answered yes to the above, please indicate the percentage of the expenses you are paying:
Please provide thoughtful answers to the following questions:
How and why did you enter the Association Management field?
Please explain your career goals and why the CAE is important to you:
What do you consider to be your most rewarding experience in Association Management?
What other types of Association Management education have you taken?
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