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Association Execs Have Long-term Concerns about the Economy, AI and More

A new report identifies the five most prominent trends facing executives

Association leaders will face challenges in five key areas across the next decade, according to a new survey.

Earlier this year, association consultancy McKinley Advisors asked association executives, "What major trends or changes do you expect to occur within the field or industry your association represents over the next five to 10 years?" The executives identified workforce shifts, economic disruptions, regulatory and legislative developments, sustainability commitments and digital transformation. The results were released in a report published last week.

"What we see showing up in this of list of five is contextual to the world around us right now," said McKinley Advisors President and CEO Jay Younger, FASAE. "If we had asked this question three years ago or five years ago, I don’t think we would have gotten the same set of results."

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